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Feel Good Shopping

Goodwill the SCORE!

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The temperatures are finally dropping and my favorite season – Fall! – is on it’s way. This is the time of year I go through our closets accessing our needs for the season. Between consignment sales and hand-me-downs, I usually manage to purchase everything the boys need, including shoes, for under $100.

For myself, I’m always looking for ways to dress cute on the cheap. There are many methods – raid my sister’s closets, study the latest catalogs from Boden, J.Crew and LOFT and try to figure out how I can take what I already have and look fashion forward, know when I can get the best end-of-season deals at various stores, altering down beloved clothes from the postpartum period – but the method that provides the most personal satisfaction is going thrifting.

The key here is to give yourself about 2-3 hours at a thrift store closest to the nicest neighborhoods in your area. Two hours back in July yielded this haul from my local Goodwill; all practically new, name brand and cost a whopping $17. It’s also feel good shopping because you’re supporting a local charity and practicing sustainable clothing practices. But best of all, look how cute it all is!



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Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy
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One of our college friends is coming to visit tomorrow. Last week I started looking around our apartment with new eyes and decided to make a few changes. Our master bedroom particularly stuck out to me as in need of some apartment therapy.

I also received a nice set of makeup brushes for Christmas and they, along with Leah’s visit, inspired me to make some changes.

We have led a rather transitory life and as a result have purchased exactly one piece of furniture in the course of our entire 7.5 year marriage. Whenever I get into these little home improvement projects, in the back of my mind there is always the looming possibility that we will move again soon, which has taught me to work with what we have and buy as little as possible. So this is what I did:

Cleaned Out – So much of decorating projects seems to be centered around finding new homes for things that have somehow ended up beside your bed. My sewing supplies and my professional portfolio were removed to new homes.

Lights Up! – I purchased two inexpensive IKEA wall lamps I’ve had my eye on for a while and moved our bedside light sources off our bedside tables and onto the wall.

Vanity – I turned my old bedside table into a dressing table by buying an IKEA table mirror and a WalMart bamboo drawer organizer for my makeup (and new makeup brushes!). I also bought a tiny stool that fits under the table so I can sit down to “make myself pretty” as John calls it.

“Headboard” – Our mattress sits on a basic metal bed frame in all it’s Grad School Days glory. I am completely over this look. I started poking around the website Apartment Therapy looking for some ideas and came across a suggestion to hang an interesting piece of fabric behind the bed to give the illusion of a headboard. My “headboard” is from a $3 duvet cover I bought in the IKEA “As Is” section last fall and used to make an accent pillow for our bed. I still had the other half of the cover and tacked it to the wall after ironing it. I’m planning on sewing it and hanging it properly on a curtain rod eventually, but this was the best I could do this week.

I’m really pleased with how it all turned out. I get a big smile on my face every time I walk into our bedroom now.

What are some of your best decorating therapy tips and ideas? Pictures too!


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