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10K Baby!

After talking about preparing for this race for half the life of this blog, it is high time I blogged about the race itself.

The first, best and most exciting news is around 5:00PM the night before the 10K, we made our $3,000 goal for Compassion International’s Child Survival Programs! I think it’s pretty incredible that a fairly small number of active fundraisers could raise so much money in such a short amount of time (and lose so many inches off their waist while doing it!)

That night at our Pre-10K Carb-Loading Pasta Party, we celebrated with two unexpected runners who joined us at the last minute. One was Karen‘s brother-in-law from California and the other was an old friend of mine from high school. Both had been following various team member’s training and fundraising, and it was awesome having them join us for the race!

The day of the 10K was absolutely perfect. It was about 68 degrees at 7:30AM when the race started and there was a break in the humidity. Kristi and I ran the race together, which was so much fun. She really pushed me to pick up my pace. Around Mile 4, I had that “I’m in the ZONE!” feeling. And it lasted until Kristi started to really make me work around Mile 5, and I tragically couldn’t keep up anymore with a mere 0.2 miles to go. YOU WIN, Kristi! And I… well, I ran the whole race, even through the water breaks. My time was 68:39 – a 11:03 pace – not too shabby for my first 10K.

One of the best things about this whole process has been the community support we’ve all received – from our home communities as well as our online communities. I was really motivated to keep training by people who gave money even before I had set foot on a treadmill. And then the day of the race, my sister cheered for me at Mile 2 and Mile 5 with her awesome sign. My friend Amy joined Kristi and I at Mile 4.5 in her electric wheelchair and “ran” with us for almost half a mile. And then Michael, the boys and my friend John who finished the race nine minutes earlier (he *is* in the Air Force) cheered for me at the end.

I’m a graduate of Liberty University and over Christmas read Brown University student Kevin Roose’s book about his “semester abroad” at LU. While not a particularly religious person, he goes through the process of taking on the trappings of Christianity including praying. He talked about how he didn’t really know how to “do” prayer, and would often say the Lord’s Prayer or sort of fumble along. And the interesting thing was that overtime he realized prayer had become to tool to think about someone other than himself.

As a person raised in a Christian household, I was almost ashamed how revolutionary this comment struck me as being. I have a tendency to get bogged down in my own little life, and overtime look more and more inwardly. This has been a good exercise in actively looking out, but it also reminded me we can do the same in acts as simple as a prayer.



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Photo Friday Saturday

Team Compassion 10K!, originally uploaded by ShotSnaps.

I ran my first 10K on Saturday morning in support of Compassion International’s Child Survival Programs! The guy in the black in the back came from California to run with us, while the guy in the orange came from North Carolina!


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Photo Friday

10K Registration Packet, originally uploaded by ShotSnaps.

Guess what I got in the mail today? The 10K I’m running in support of Compassion International’s Child Survival Programs is a week from tomorrow!

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It isn’t as hot as it was in Texas, but it is about 1,000 times more humid. I got in from my run this morning with sweat pouring off me. James came up to me and I knelt down to talk to him. He looked at the sweat rolling down my face and said “Raining Mama?”

I just wish it had been, son.

Less than two weeks until the 10k!

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The Body Project

We’ve been out of town for almost two weeks now. In just over a week, I did 10K training runs in St. Louis, in a little town north of Dallas, and near the Ouachita National Forrest in Oklahoma.

This is blog-worthy because I have never, ever continued a workout routine while on vacation.

Like pretty much every woman alive, over the course of my 31 years I’ve embarked on a handful of epic “Body Projects” and they’ve all been fundamentally motivated by a profound dissatisfaction with the way I looked. In the process, I’ve discovered it can be hard to sustain the motivation to exercise when it is primarily driven by a negative self-image. Even worse is I’m fairly well schooled in the feminist literature on how my often negative body image is created through vehicles like the media, and then enforced through participating in group self-criticism with other women. It’s hard to have a lengthy conversation with another woman without one of us bringing up how gross we think we look and how we really need to do something about it. And I’m usually the one bringing it up.

When I started running to raise money for Compassion International’s Child Survival Programs back in January, I was motivated by getting across the finish line in July for mothers and babies rather than losing inches. I started drinking less alcohol because it dehydrated me and made my runs miserable. I made more healthy food choices because it meant I could run faster.

I am finally starting to think of my body as an instrument rather than an ornament. And I have never felt better.


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5K All the Way

Who Finished in 32?
Originally uploaded by ShotSnaps

This past Saturday, my friends Kristi, Karen and I ran the Girls on the Run 5K in preparation for our 10K run in support of Compassion International’s Child Survival Programs. We all ran together for the first part of the race, which was great for setting a steady pace. And for the last 1.1 miles, it challenged all of us as we either lead or chased each other to the finish. We all finished within 10 seconds of each other and all set personal records.

We’re also wearing our awesome new Team Compassion running jerseys, which look even better from the back (right Karen and Kristi? ;)

Some friends of mine are in the process of adopting children, two of whom were orphaned when their mothers died in childbirth. I was reminded recently by a friend that adoption is making the best of a bad situation. My hope is that through donations to Child Survival Programs that other mothers will survive birthing their babies to know and love their children. Thanks to those of you who have already become part of that.


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Photo Friday

Friday Night Run, originally uploaded by ShotSnaps.

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