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Snowman Kiss

Snowman Kiss, originally uploaded by ShotSnaps.


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School for the Gifted

School for the Gifted A Far Side classic. Friday night, John was doing an exact demonstration of this on our way out the door from dinner at the college cafeteria. You have to cut him some slack though because, despite two whole weeks at Montessori school, he can’t read yet. I am a little disappointed, but John has been showing more interest in calculus and Montessori is all about following the child!

John has been doing really well in preschool. His favorite things include “squirts” (washing the windows), “banging” (hammering nails), number rods and painting. His teachers describe him as being very “focused” and “concentrating well” on his “work.” I’ve noticed at home, he is concerned about picking up messes at the end of a playtime and is more into putting the toys away by category rather than putting everything together in one basket. He was already growing in independence before starting school, but I’ve noticed a slight uptick in wanting to do things for himself. And since his brother is only 19-months old tomorrow and keeps me plenty busy with feeding, changing and dressing, I say godspeed.

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