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To My Mother

Dear Mama,

I think of you often as I go about my day with John, James and Henry. When I tell them little jokes I remember how you used to tell us “What did Tarzan say when he saw the elephants coming over the hill? ‘Oh look. Here come the elephants over the hill!'” When I drive over the back county roads here in Minnesota, I remember how you used to drive a little faster over the back roads near the Farm just so we could get that thrilling little roller coaster feel when we went over a hill. Sometimes the boys will ask me for treats at the store, and every fifth time I’ll say yes and think about how you used to let Tim and I split a package of Little Debby chocolate cupcakes with the white cream filling when we were out shopping with you.

John and I have been reading Farmer Boy together before bed, and I remember at our house on Michael Avenue when you would read Little House in the Big Woods to me before bed – Chapter 8, The Dance at Grandpa’s is still my favorite. James told me he wanted to get a dog and a kitty cat the other day, and I told him we would when we move to the country.

I realize that so many of the things you taught me – to work hard, to not complain, to be cheerful in the tasks God has placed before me – are all lessons I find myself working to instill in the boys every day.

So you see, you are very much part of who I am and, no doubt, who John, James and Henry will one day be.

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One of the fun things about our 5-year-old son John being able to read is he’s also able to text. My sister Rachel is in Swaziland this month on a clinical rotation for her Physicians Assistant program, and John has been sending her messages though iMessenger. Here’s an example of his messages without spelling assistance (though I did help him with “Swaziland”):

Love John I. Love you rachel haw is your.         Day John Swaziland from john I  love you Rachel love John hav a grat      Day Rachel love Ed  I  love    You Rachel  hav a  graet  day Rachel love John I  love you Rachel hav a graet day

Don’t you just want to hug him?


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Photo Friday

From November 2011

It’s funny how your former “baby” look gigantic next to your current baby…

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Photo Friday

James’ first trip to the dentist – From January 2011

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(The 2011 Return of) Photo Friday

From January 2011

My sister Rachel just after receiving her white coat as a Physicians Assistant signaling that she can now begin to see patients. John is clearly thrilled knowing he won’t have to be in misery for quite as long next time he has an ear infection since Aunt Rachel has an otoscope and a prescription pad.


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Montessori Letter Sounds

Montessori Letter Sounds, originally uploaded by ShotSnaps.

After seeing this activity in John’s school, I made a box of letter sounds to have at home. He’s actually one or two steps beyond “work” now, but still enjoys doing it.


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Snow Love

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