Cold Lunch

John is on the National School Lunch Program at his elementary school and he qualifies to have free hot lunches at school. Given the new baby any everything, it’s been nice not having an additional thing to remember to do every evening. But starting last month John and I would go over the next month’s lunch menu and he would request certain days to bring a cold lunch if they weren’t serving something he was interested in eating.

Last Thursday was a cold lunch day and I packed a cute little no-trash lunch for him with all five food groups and a note in the bottom of his sandwich box with a joke that I personally found hilarious when I was around his age.

What’s grey on the inside and plastic on the outside??? An elephant inside a plastic bag! 

(When I was six it was funny.)

John forgot to bring his lunch box home last week and finally brought it home today.

Hey! Guess what’s red on the outside and squirmy on the inside??? John’s lunch box!

Ants. Ants. Ants. ANTS. ANTS. ANTS.


I just drowned them all in the sink but it still feels like they are crawling all over me.



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2 responses to “Cold Lunch

  1. Hallie Bandy

    One of my children was infamous for these types of incidents. Sometime in the final weeks of her senior year of High School she confided to me that she had forgotten her locker combination, and had not used her locker since before Christmas break. Her conundrum: whether or not to brave finding out what had happened to the yoghurt in the lunch she didn’t eat in order to retrieve her favorite Sharpie pens.

    She bought new pens.

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