Labels for Children’s Winter Gear

Unsurprisingly, you spend a bit more on “good” gloves, hats and scarfs when you live in a state that boast winters with -20 wind chill factors and more than 3-4 inches of snow at a time. And in my experience 5- and 3-year-old boys aren’t the best at keeping track of those gloves, hats and scarfs. I started to label my kid’s winter gear with a Sharpee marker but it was hard to read and took forever.

I ended up buying iron-on labels from Stuck On You and really like them. I originally heard of them from a friend back in Kentucky who liked their labels for sippy cups because they would go through the dishwasher without coming off.

From November 2011

They were the only labels I found online that could stretch a bit with the fabric – great for things like knit hats. I haven’t attempting washing them yet, but the reviews I read said they held up well.

Here’s hoping we end the winter with most of our gear still finding its way home.



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2 responses to “Labels for Children’s Winter Gear

  1. I love stuck on you! I was just thinking I need to order labels for Jack and Matilda.

  2. Rose

    THANK YOU! As a person who wasn’t raised in a cold-weather climate and am sending my child to school where they REQUIRE everything be labeled…I have wanted a better way than the old sharpie…

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