There is No Humor at the DMV

This morning after dropping the boys off at school, I drove to the DMV to apply for a Minnesota driver’s license. Eventually I’ll get around to the story of what good southern people who suck at winter are doing in Minnesota.

To apply for a Minnesota driver’s license when you’re from out of state, you have to take a written test. It’s been a few years since I’ve had to take one of these tests so I actually bothered to skim the Minnesota Driver’s Manual late one night last week. I learned that you’re supposed to have a winter weather kit in the back of your car that includes things like sand, a shovel and enough food and water to see you through a blizzard.

It wasn’t light, feel-good reading.

I passed the test with a score of 91 – reminiscent of my college “barely-A” days – though I failed the practice test question that asked “What is the capitol of Minnesota?” I said Minneapolis when the correct answer is St. Paul. They are twin cities…

After the test, I joked with the DMV guy that I missed the state capitol question and he looked at me unamused, glanced down at my Kentucky driver’s license and said, “If you weren’t from out of state, you ought to be automatically disqualified from getting a license.”

Proving there is no humor at the DMV.

And I bet $20 you don’t know the capitol of Kentucky.



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3 responses to “There is No Humor at the DMV

  1. Louisville is the capital of KY, right? ;)

  2. elizabeth

    I love this post. :)

    I do not love, however, that it conjures up all of my own moving-to-a-new-state-DMV-horror-stories-I-really-should-have-dealt-with-by-now-but-haven’t.


    This might be the best reason I can think of to never. move. again.

  3. Nancy Brown

    Before I read the last line, I was thinking, “Ask him the capitol of KY and if he says Louisville, tell him NO! It’s not! How could you not know that?! It’s not even close.” But, I’m sure I would have ended up saying something even more obnoxious than that. Good thing it was you and not me. :)

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