11 Week 5K

Last year during my training for the Bluegrass 10K, I ran the Lion’s Run for Sight 5K as a training run. That was the one where I left my crying, bleeding child in the dust to try to make my time. A year later, John still remembers the incident perfectly. In fact, he came to the door of the bathroom this morning to recount the tragic tale and request that I hold his hand this year.

Our kids were born unable to speak English, but are fluent in guilt.

Coming up the hill for the final half mile. John and James were very excited to run with me. From March 2011

Back in February, I was ramping my mileage back up to train for the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon when I injured my knee dancing to Lady Gaga with a bunch of college girls at a Zumba class. During my month of recovery, I swam and checked each week to see if my knee had healed and discovered I am pregnant with our third child. Thus my expectations for beating my 29:00 5K personal record while 11 weeks pregnant were pretty low.

The very end of the story is I ran with John around the track – at one point stopping completely while he caught up with me – and still managed to finish the race 40 seconds faster than last year (33:37) and placed second in my age group. (Though I strongly suspect there were only two people in my age group. I wouldn’t be too surprised if most of them are carb-loading right now for the half marathon tomorrow. But, whatever. SECOND PLACE in my massive age group field.)

And then I ate the best sandwich ever created – the Jimmy John’s California Club on seven grain bread – and called it good.



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5 responses to “11 Week 5K

  1. Omg, you make me laugh. Every. Single. Time! The whole leaving your bleeding crying child behind is so familiarly funny for me! ;) also big fat congrats on the big news!! Let me know if you need a referral! I am in the know on such matters in lex!

  2. Nate and Molly

    What a way to break your news!!! Congratulations Rebekah!!!!! And to your whole family! We’re thrilled for you guys.

    Congrats on the 2nd place too ;) I’ve sprained an ankle dancing to a Cindy Crawford workout video (freshman year of college) so maybe sticking to running is better?

  3. Congratulations, two times over! So impressive that you not only improved your time – pregnant, no less – but that you also got to stop for John this year. Funny how when we stop obsessing about the details, we somehow manage to exceed our own expectations. Glad everything is going so well for you!

  4. awesome! i’m at peace knowing you’re in the best hands!! ;) keep up the good work with the running!!!!

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