Together Again

Two students from John’s Montessori primary class moved up to my elementary school classroom after Christmas, which opened a spot for James to join John in his classroom. James is so excited to be going to school with John!

James’ first day of school – From January 2011

One of the unique things about Montessori is they have mixed age classrooms. The older children are roll models for the younger children and assist them in learning new lessons. It makes me really happy that John and James get to spend their mornings together and share this experience. They seem to enjoy being together.

Working on the pink tower together – From January 2011

One of the interesting differences between the boys is we could barely get a word out of John when he started school about what he did during the day. His descriptions were limited to “squirt” and “bang.” James will go on and on about what he did that day in a long diatribe that is something only James can deliver.

I got letters on my hand and sit on the line and play with the farm. The pigs go in the mud. The ducks go in the water. The cows go in the grass. These are numbers on my hands. This is zero and it has no dots. This is two and it has two dots. This is a smiley face. I only have smiley face on this arm and Miss Michelle didn’t put one one the other arm.

In his Montessori class, they write letters and other lessons on the childrens’ hands so they can reference them throughout the day. James is so proud of his letters and tries really hard to remember what they say. His favorite day is Wednesday when he gets an “O letter.”

I love how happy he looks – From January 2011

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