My brother Thomas is at Marine boot camp. We recently received his address and one of John’s favorite activities is to draw “Uncle T” pictures and have me transcribe letters from him. This was today’s version:

Dear Uncle T,

I have new undershirts. I have a new shirt on with a pumpkin on it. I have Lightning underwear. I have been working so hard at school that I am almost extended day [John desperately wants to be “Extended Day” at preschool, which is basically their Kindergarten class]. I had my pictures taken at school today. I am learning to be responsible at school.

I love Uncle T. And I’m going to say ‘John’ because I am finished now. Write ‘finished’ first.





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2 responses to “Letters

  1. Love it! When my brother was in bootcamp he would beg my family to send all of their letters in one envelope because he had to do push ups for each letter he got. Oh the many facets to having so many siblings :)

  2. So cute! I bet he loves getting those letters!

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