Half Marathon

My sisters Rachel and Rosalie ran the 2009 Chicago Marathon and you may remember that I went along to “hold their stuff.” They were part of my inspiration behind running my first 10K in July in support of Compassion International. I tend to be a very goal-oriented person so after the 10K, I decided to run the Air Force Half Marathon on September 18 because “it’s only twice as far as the 10K.” Which proves a euphoric post-race mind has issues with numbers.

Since mid-July I’ve been hard at building mileage. I realized tonight that my definition of a “short run” had changed from 2 miles to 5 miles. Last week I logged 25.1 miles. I ran 9 miles Saturday morning and I’m scheduled to run 10 this Saturday. I’m amazed by a couple of things: This is totally do-able. The runs are challenging, but it’s never more than I can handle. Also, before this year I hadn’t run further than a 5K. Look what a decent pair of shoes and a running plan can do. And I’m in the best shape of my life. Which probably says more about my lack of athleticism in high school but, given that I left 18 behind 13 years ago, it isn’t too shabby.

While I’ve tried to schedule my runs either early in the morning or after the kids are in bed at night, now that some of my long runs are 2 hours or longer I couldn’t keep up the training without a supportive spouse. I hope I make it up to you in other ways, babe. ;)



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5 responses to “Half Marathon

  1. Go, Rebekah, go! You’ve done a great job of setting goals for yourself and following through. I hope we can see you the evening after your run, I want to hear all. about. it. :)

  2. woohoo! way to go girl. i’m proud of you!!!

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