Hitching a Ride on the Gravy Train

This week being the exception, I haven’t been around Blog Land much in the last few weeks. I’ve been really tired lately and sick to my stomach. Almost like… I’m kidding. ;) At the beginning of August I started a new job! I’m working as a teaching assistant at a new Montessori elementary program that just opened in our town.

You might remember from my Bastardized Home Montessori Preschool experiments that I’ve been interested in the Montessori educational model for a while now. This new job is really a testament in the power of volunteering. Through a connection with John’s Montessori preschool teacher, she recommended me for this position. One interview and search for a babysitter for James later, I had a new part time job.

I’ve been in the position for four weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. I’m really Assistant to the Teacher rather like Dwight Schrute is Assistant to the Regional Manager and not Assistant Regional Manager on The Office. While I’m doing exciting things like cutting paper and laminating things, I’m a second pair of eyes and ears observing the children in the class. I’m learning so much about Montessori in the elementary years and am really excited about this opportunity. A Montessori classroom is such a unique thing that it’s difficult to describe. You really have to see it in action to get a true feel for it.

Until a spot opens up for James at John’s preschool, he is being watched in the mornings by a lovely Catholic lady about three minutes from our apartment. Every day when I ask James what he did at Mary Susan’s house, he’ll give me a report about what he ate. “Had blueberries and goldfish,” “Lots of goldfish,” “Had pretzels and NO goldfish.”

I’m still continuing my freelance writing business on the side though scaled back slightly.  Since I work Monday-Thursday, 7:30-12:30, Michael has stepped in to handle drop offs, pick ups and feeding the boy’s their lunch. That man’s a keeper.


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