Feel Good Shopping

Goodwill the SCORE!

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The temperatures are finally dropping and my favorite season – Fall! – is on it’s way. This is the time of year I go through our closets accessing our needs for the season. Between consignment sales and hand-me-downs, I usually manage to purchase everything the boys need, including shoes, for under $100.

For myself, I’m always looking for ways to dress cute on the cheap. There are many methods – raid my sister’s closets, study the latest catalogs from Boden, J.Crew and LOFT and try to figure out how I can take what I already have and look fashion forward, know when I can get the best end-of-season deals at various stores, altering down beloved clothes from the postpartum period – but the method that provides the most personal satisfaction is going thrifting.

The key here is to give yourself about 2-3 hours at a thrift store closest to the nicest neighborhoods in your area. Two hours back in July yielded this haul from my local Goodwill; all practically new, name brand and cost a whopping $17. It’s also feel good shopping because you’re supporting a local charity and practicing sustainable clothing practices. But best of all, look how cute it all is!



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3 responses to “Feel Good Shopping

  1. LOVE! i just found out that our Salvation Army has 1/2 price Wednesdays… so you know where I was this morning! :)

    Got a leather Talbot skinny belt for $1 and cannot wait to pair it with a high-waisted dress!!

  2. uh yeah. i can just seeing us running for the same goods! it’d be fun… only if without kids, they complicate the pillaging!

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