5K All the Way

Who Finished in 32?
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This past Saturday, my friends Kristi, Karen and I ran the Girls on the Run 5K in preparation for our 10K run in support of Compassion International’s Child Survival Programs. We all ran together for the first part of the race, which was great for setting a steady pace. And for the last 1.1 miles, it challenged all of us as we either lead or chased each other to the finish. We all finished within 10 seconds of each other and all set personal records.

We’re also wearing our awesome new Team Compassion running jerseys, which look even better from the back (right Karen and Kristi? ;)

Some friends of mine are in the process of adopting children, two of whom were orphaned when their mothers died in childbirth. I was reminded recently by a friend that adoption is making the best of a bad situation. My hope is that through donations to Child Survival Programs that other mothers will survive birthing their babies to know and love their children. Thanks to those of you who have already become part of that.



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2 responses to “5K All the Way

  1. Oooohhh, good dig, Rebekah. :P

    I didn’t even catch it until Chad said “HA! Rebekah totally got you, didn’t she?” (I was thinking “yeah, totally. The shirts are nicer on the back…”)

    Anyway, I was too busy smiling for the cameras like a goofball to look at the back of your shirt as you left me in the dust. Hee hee.

    • Well, I spent plenty of time studying the back of your shirt during the 3K and only managed to tie you. And Kristi smoked me at the end of the 3K too.

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