Yesterday was Ascension Sunday, which was briefly mentioned during our service and which I frankly tend to think of with all the implied reverence of “See ya later, Jesus!” Day. Then I read a blog post that caused me to reconsider. And as just another person who doesn’t know what the future holds and finds the answers to be forever illusive, this spoke to me:

…Not that I don’t need to find answers to many of those questions, but I want to approach them in the same way that the disciples did, who stopped looking to the skies and returned to pray in the Upper Room; they could not see but believed; they were not sure what to do, but prayed; they did not know the future, but obeyed the command that was given to them for that moment. I want to ask my questions in light of the power and dominion of Christ’s Ascension to the throne—I may not yet know… but I do know who I am in Christ and what He has called me to do today.

from Amy



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3 responses to “Ascension

  1. Raegan

    What good perspective…I needed that!

  2. Great piece. Where did you read it?

  3. Jenn, the post is from a friend of ours — Amy. The link is tagged above just below the quotation.

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