Frosty Donation

My fellow Team Compassion running mates and I are still plugging away. I’m slated to run 15.1 miles this week, after logging 13.1 miles last week. I can run 4 miles without stopping now. I’m taking a moment to feel very impressed with myself.



It’s funny how various ones of us have struggled with different things when it comes to following our training plans. I struggle with being too competitive and forgetting what I’m going this for. My teammate Karen recently posted about how training is challenging her tendency to not follow through on anything.

And, I’m assuming, in order to motivate herself as well as the rest of us, Karen is challenging our team to encourage people to donate through our fundraising page to Compassion International’s Child Survival Fund. One prize is for amount of money raise and the other is total of number of people who gave in your name.

The prize is a big, cold Wendy’s Frosty. It recently got hot enough here that, when I finished a 4 mile run, I had salt all over my forehead from the dried sweat.

Would you consider a $2 “Frosty Donation” that would go a long way toward providing basic things for mothers and babies at the most vulnerable time of their lives? It takes so little to make a difference.


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