The Grammar of Hot Dogs

Michael and I took our buy-one-get-one-free Qdoba coupon out for a hot date tonight. There we talked about deep personal issues like the NFL draft and the grammar of hot dogs.

Rebekah: So what did you have for dinner at the volley ball game last night?

Michael: A hot dog and a weenie.

Rebekah: Aren’t they the same thing?

Michael: No, a hot dog is a weenie in a bun, and a weenie is a weenie.

Rebekah: And two weenies are…?

Michael: Wieners.

Rebekah: And if they are in buns?

Michael: Hot Dogs.

It’s true that Michael is more intimately attuned to the world of processed meats than I am, but is this is this REALLY how people talk about hot dogs? Is this like a Coke vs soda regional thing?

Does anyone else think it’s hilarious to hear a guy with a PhD in philosophy say things like “a weenie is a weenie”???


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