Six Word Novel

I have friends that do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), like my friend Shari. I write for a living myself; a small, meager living that allows us to make the occasional Old Navy purchase. And I live entirely in the non-fiction, personal narrative writing world.

But my Twitter-influenced self is really intrigued by the six word novel. I could really commit myself to novel if it were only six words. I’m not planning on making this into a Photo Friday feature, but went the spirit moves me I may post my sad excuse for fiction here.



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13 responses to “Six Word Novel

  1. Rachel

    girl meets boy. babies. the end.

    wasn’t that a great story?

  2. Rosalie

    I beat you, I beat you!

    by James

  3. Rosalie

    Thanks God for wee-wee and tuck-tuck.

    by John

  4. Rosalie

    Starwars is full of philosophical things.

    by Michael

  5. Rosalie

    Michael’s sequal:

    Wife hotter than lightsaber and Kierkegaard.

  6. Rosalie

    James’ sequal:

    Brother gone. Steal toys. Ha ha.

  7. Rosalie

    John’s sequal:

    Mama gone. Push James. I win.

  8. Rosalie

    Sisters are stupid but funny. LOL.

    by Bekah.

  9. Rachel

    six word novel is caveman novel.

    – Mr. Caveman

  10. Rachel

    “What’s going on? Why me? Why now?”

    oh no. that’s SEVEN words. I broke the RULES.

  11. Rachel

    Rachel: “Blah Blah Blah”

    Bekah: “HILARIOUS”

    Title: “An Excerpt from the strange and excitingly eventful life whereby my sole purpose is not to implode in conversations with one of my many mucho boobylicious SISTAS”
    Subtitle: “PEUT-etre, pas de TOUT!”

  12. Eat to live. Live to cook.

    – RCC

  13. Yes, I just grinned while farting.


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