John Reads!

There is a 80+ year old lady who comes to John’s preschool each week to give the children a music lesson. I got to sit in on the lesson last week and was really impressed with the mix of music theory and basic rhythm lessons they were learning. Since their teacher is quite elderly, the songs she teaches the kids are a little dated. There’s one about driving a Model-T and another about riding the rails as a bum. And there’s one that John just loves that includes the refrain, “… would you please teach me to read.”

Today, John came home very excited and had a photo copy of the first booklet in the beginning set of Bob Books. We sat down after naps and he read the whole thing to me! It was such an incredible experience listening to him sound out words and piece together the simple story.

His teacher sent me a note about him achieving this milestone in class today that I really appreciated:

I know John was so excited about reading Mat.  He told me now that he can,  he will do really good work and be responsible.  I think he has heard me talk to the older children about that. His face was glowing, and he kept giving me hugs, then at group he sat really close to me, and was a very good role model, he was definitely proud.

What a wonderful exciting world is open to him now!



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5 responses to “John Reads!

  1. Nate and Molly

    wow! that is really incredible!

  2. David Chapman

    Argh! Parent envy! :)

  3. Tabitha

    That’s exciting. You must be very proud! It’s interesting to watch children show interests in different things. Adelyn loves to be read to at home, but I don’t think she’s really considered that she can learn to read herself.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! (to both of you, I know he couldn’t have done it without you!)

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