We’re Just Here to Do the Shamrock Shuffle

Making My Move, originally uploaded by ShotSnaps.

I’m posting this very unflattering picture of myself running the Shamrock Shuffle 3K as evidence that I ran the race, and am well on the road to running the Bluegrass 10 in July to benefit Compassion International’s Child Survival Program!

My fellow Team Compassion teammate Karen is Number 81 and she is smiling because she thought Michael was taking a picture just of her. In reality he was taking a picture of me tearing my lungs out to sprint past her just before the finish.

My kids were completely fascinated by all the dogs running in the race. My marathon runner sister came to the race, and I asked her afterward if the kids were excited to see me running. She said as I ran by they said, “LOOK! PUPPY DOGS!” Afterward I heard a lot about the big puppies and little puppies running in the race.

My primary goal for this race was to finish in under 20 minutes, and I managed that with a 19:39 time (10:33 per mile pace). The other goal was to get to meet a few members of Team Compassion I had never met before, and take a picture of us all together.

So now it’s your turn! Would you consider a small, tiny or even microscopic donation toward giving pregnant women prenatal nourishment, an attendant and medical supplies for a birth in a clean, safe environment as well as helping these tiny babies survive to age 3 by avoiding diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, measles, HIV/AIDS, and malnutrition? We are only $26 away from having our first $1,000 raised!



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7 responses to “We’re Just Here to Do the Shamrock Shuffle

  1. I seriously have crazy eyes in this picture. Probably because I had an awful cramp in my side and was thinking “oh hey, Michael’s taking team pictures, try to look energetic!” :)

  2. Awww, cute! I like you Rebekah – you’re one hip chick!

  3. elizabeth

    You look AWESOME, Rebekah. I am totally impressed with my training buddy.


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