Prophetic, No?

I was looking for some pictures from the boys baptisms and ran across an email I wrote my friend Nikki almost exactly two years ago while we were living in Denmark just before my son James was born.

My fun things for this weekend were I went to the American ambassador’s house for a surprise birthday lunch party for our pastor, and then went to IKEA with my friend Robyn. I think she just came because she was worried I would go into labor while browsing IKEA and didn’t want me to be alone when that happened. I mentioned that we only have one cell phone and I always carry it so if I did go into labor I wouldn’t be able to call Michael unless he was at work, and I think that worried her. It’s hard to explain sometimes that birthing isn’t usually something that goes from 0-100 in an hour. And in two weeks I’ll probably give birth alone in the back of a cab or something.

Not quite alone, but definitely in the back of a cab.



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4 responses to “Prophetic, No?

  1. rose

    That is hilarious! Look into my future please!

  2. Robyn

    Okay – first, no, I didn’t go to IKEA because I feared you would go into labor by yourself… I enjoyed spending time with you, even if it was in the black hole of time otherwise known as IKEA. And, you did have James in a cab… and then I RAN – yes RAN to give Rachel my cell phone so she could talk to you (why didn’t I take my bike? What was I thinking?). So, I think my concern was justified! Humh!

    • You were so sweet Robyn and CLEARLY knew something I didn’t know about the likelihood that James would fall out of my body.

      I really appreciated your support during that whole “baby in Denmark” adventure from the baby shower to the bringing us our first meal post-baby to running through the streets of Amager to bring Rachel a cell phone and all the many, many other things you did for us. You were more than family.

      And I still have your coat that it isn’t often I can bring myself to wear it. ;)

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