On (and Off) the Road Again

Saturday evening, we left Texas at 6:00pm for our 13 hour drive back to Kentucky. We started driving through the night after one particularly horrible day-time journey that stretched the trip into 16 hours. About 5:45am – within three hours of home – our car died while we were driving. Breaking down is an exquisite type of agony; reflecting on how your carefully made plans will change, the three hours waiting in McDonalds without a playground with two little boys who are ready to run a marathon, realizing you have become America’s great unwashed between your roadtrip travel clothes and lack of grooming.

The only thing from this whole ordeal I want to remember is this: shortly after the car died, I called State Farm Road Side Assistance, the tow-truck was coming, and as a family we prayed that we would be beemed Star Trek style out of this whole situation.

Me: Amen.

John: God is all around us?

Me: Yes, sweetheart.

John: But we can’t see Him.

Me, quoting the catechism: That’s right. “God is a spirit. He has no body.”

John: God has no poop.

Me: Erm, that’s right.

John: God has no belly.

Me: Right.

John: And God has no hat.

This was a follow up to John standing up in the tub one night in Texas and announcing his latest theological insight: “God made my balls and my wee-wee!”

We made it home and are so grateful for family and friends who both helped and offered to help. Texaco Johnny in western Kentucky should be calling us today with news about the car. The rental car is on the way. And it was good to be reminded that God is all around us (and has no poop).



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9 responses to “On (and Off) the Road Again

  1. julie

    T-shirts please.

    God has no poop.
    God has no belly.
    And God has no hat.

  2. nikki

    That is too funny.

    But Jesus has a body!

    • You are right. When John said that one of the first things that ran through my sleep deprived head was “Jesus pooped.” He hasn’t gotten that far into the catechism.

  3. Welcome home. I’m so sorry that your trip had such an awful detour!! Ugh.

  4. rose

    I’m glad you made it home! John should definitely be the president of future theologians of America.

  5. Phil

    That is awesome! Another gem from John.

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