No Swine Flu for You!

I caught some kind of Mean Viral Funk this week that left me horizontal and sleeping most of the week. I finally dragged myself to the doctor yesterday wearing mismatched pajamas and an oversized sweatshirt. And of course looking like this I ran into an acquaintance. I walked over and from a careful non-germ-communicable distance said hello to this acquaintance who didn’t recognize me. Probably because I looked like a down-on-my-luck carney who was in that waiting room just to spread whatever highly contagious disease I surely had.

After going though my symptoms, my doctor told me he was 80 percent sure I had the swine flu. I was almost relieved that I had a Real Reason for feeling so miserable. But then my flu test came back negative. Which, you know, yay… the Pig didn’t get me. But sometimes it’s nice to put a name on what is making your sinuses bleed. And “flu” is so much neater than “Mean Viral Funk.”

So no Photo Friday this week. Not unless you want to see a picture of a huge pile of Kleenex I used yesterday alone.


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