This is Weird

Something very strange has been happening around here.  James, my youngest son who is only 19-months-old, has taken an interest in using the potty. Has actually peed AND pooped in the potty. These are things that we didn’t even attempt with John until he was a full year older. I still remember those times with a shiver. There was a point in the potty training where I wanted to beat my head against the wall until the massive headache I’d given myself from the impotent frustration stopped pounding. It was during this time that I wrote a string of desperate Twitter posts that led to a group of followers – most of whom mistakenly thought the whole situation was hilarious. Or offered me their foolproof method of potty training for only $34.95 (seriously).

And then there is James. He started pointing at our potty, so we dug out John’s little blue training potty that was only retired about three months ago. Then he sat on it for a while. Eventually he accidentally peed in the potty and was floored by the cheering and hand clapping from the rest of his family. Then this week he’s had a diaper rash so I’ve been letting him dry off in-between diaper changes. Usually during naked time, I end up having to sop up little puddles. But then I started telling him, “Go sit on your potty!” And he would. Half the time he’d make. And would be super excited about getting a tiny piece of sugary cereal as his “treat.”

So here we are. I keep half expecting that this will come back to haunt me when he gets bored with it or somehow develops a weird aversion to using the potty. But for now, it’s just that many fewer diapers I have to change and wash.


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