I *heart* Laura Bush

Regardless of what you think about Bush 43, it’s hard not to like Laura. She is just incredibly fair and above it all.

Laura Bush Defends Obama

And while I’m here on my soap box, Curtis Sittenfeld is a witch.



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6 responses to “I *heart* Laura Bush

  1. You didn’t like American Wife? I mean, it is fiction. And it was hardly a book flaming Laura.

    Mrs. Bush’s smile has always kind of freaked me out. But she does stay above it all (as most First Ladies have and do, after all).

    • It was barely fiction. American Wife was just such a thinly veiled quasi-biography of Laura Bush. It was just too much “how could this nice woman marry an evil Republican???”

      I also really like Michelle Obama for completely different reasons. She’s so Malcolm X to Obama’s Sesame Street.

  2. I like Laura too. Can I also say that I like George? :)

    I love the “She’s so Malcolm X to Obama’s Sesame Street” comment. Funny… and I actually saw Michelle on Sesame Street last week! She is quite the go-getter.

  3. julie

    Laura Bush’s best friend is Henry’s state rep lady’s statehouse roommate in Topeka (wrap your head around that one) and we have lots of inside scoop stories about Laura’s super moderate personal politics, as well as her Democratic (and manslaughter-riddled) background.

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