What is on your nose?

This contains content not suitable for young readers. Shield your computer screen.

John, age 3, mashing his nose into his face: There are fuckers on my nose.

Me, startled: What?

John: There are fuckers on my nose!

Me, with relief: Oh, freckles on your nose. Yes, there are.



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8 responses to “What is on your nose?

  1. Joel

    Ha! I heartily LOL’ed a this (and I’m currently sitting in a conference panel; a few folks stared at me). Hysterical.

  2. Phil

    To SUCH belongs the kingdom of heaven?

  3. Nancy Brown

    I have to say that I just glanced at the page at first, and the…uh…freckles word. I froze momentarily in confusion. I quickly checked the address to confirm I was on the correct blog. Yes, Marshins. So I curiously began at the beginning. Then I scared my 3 year old with my robust laughter! This is something he’ll enjoy knowing in years to come; I know from experience. I embarrassed my mom by calling a helicopter a copulator when I was about his age.

  4. Nate and Molly

    absolutely hilarious.

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