Ready to Become Normalized

Yesterday was John’s first day of Montessori school, so of course I took pictures like every other stereotypical parent.

Showing me his school shoesI dropped him off in from of the school, and then I went home and cried just to prove my mothering cred. MOCK ME. I deserve it.

His teacher told me he had a great first day and emailed pictures of him working in the class. He told me his favorite thing about school was “the clock.” I know they have a clock activity that he was playing with when we visited the first time, but when I asked him to tell me about it, he started rattling off a list of letters. So who knows what’s going on there. :) He also had numbers and corresponding dots drawn on his knuckles from a number lesson.

Number Rods Painting

It’s weird to think that he’ll be gone every morning. James seemed a little lost without him but mostly happy for all the mom-time.



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4 responses to “Ready to Become Normalized

  1. Nate and Molly

    I love the video…so cute to hear his little voice and see him bouncing around :)

    • He really is so sweet. He started asking “why” about everything yesterday, which is both funny and eventually tiresome when you can’t figure out a better way to explain where the earth is. :)

  2. Joel

    Great pics! But why didn’t he wear his orange crocs to school?!? Those things are wicked awesome!

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