“Shop Here if You Love Kids.”

We were playing it low-key today to catch up on sleep and relax a bit. Debby took me shopping to some charity shops today. Think Goodwill and Salvation Army picked down to the top 25 percent of their goods and divided into about 25 different little stores, and then you’ll understand British charity shops. It’s the ultimate in bargain, feel good shopping because you find cheap items at stores called things like “Shop Here if You Love Kids.”

I bought three things today:

  • A super cute Top Shop jacket for 8 pounds
  • Three new pairs of striped children’s socks for John that were very cheap for 1.5 pounds (“Look at these lovely generic socks I brought you as a souvenir of England, sweetheart!”)
  • Six old wooden typeset keys that spell out our last name for 5 pounds.

And then for dinner tonight, we had take out fish and chips from the local fish and chip place. It was my first time with Fish and Chips. They came wrapped in the greasy paper and were surprisingly good given the iffy reviews other people had given me. I feel like I need to take a run or eat something religously healthy, like a eggplant, to make up for it.

Tomorrow: London. Not on the agenda: Buckingham Palace. On the agenda: Jeremy Bentham’s corpse. This is what it looks like traveling with a philosopher.


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