The Third

It’s been a busy couple of day getting the apartment ready for our four-week departure, hosting a home organization party, and packing for our trip to Texas followed by our two-week trip to England. We arrived in Texas this morning after an all-night drive with the kids. Along the way we saw some great vintage Texas signage such as, “The Dragon Food Cafe: Old Fashion Hamburgers and Oriental Food.” We arrived at 8:30 CST and I just woke up from seven blissful hours of sleep.

Today is also special because it’s John’s third birthday. His grandparents, aunt and uncle had a transportation-themed cake waiting for him, and the cutest little Radio Flyer tricycle with a tiny personalized Texas license plate. It’s incredible how much he’s changed in three short years, yet how he’s still that same happy, sweet, silly boy.

I love you, sweetheart. Thanks for making me a mother.



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3 responses to “The Third

  1. Joel

    Happy birthday, Big John, from “Wobyn” and “Yoel”!

  2. At first read I thought this said “A Third” and not “The Third” so I immediately thought it meant you were going to have a third baby! After the flutters in my stomach subsided for a moment I read the entire post and then reread the title and saw my mistake. ;)

    Happy 3rd birthday, John!

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