I just planned out our entire menu for the next three weeks strategically geared to use all the food already in the pantry. This menu list includes our dinners, our lunches and all the food we’ll need for the long, through-the-night road trip to Texas in three weeks (Cheez-Its and Starbucks Double Shot!). My massive grocery list is ready to go. I am woman! Hear me ROAR.

(Though I suppose this isn’t really living up to my feminist ideals, it is certainly living up to my organizational ones.)



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2 responses to “ROAR

  1. robynremke

    Wow! I am impressed… I have no idea what we are doing for dinner TONIGHT! I hear your roar all the way over the Atlantic!

    • Sounds like a good night for Shwarma! ;) We had Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner last night because I was so mental tired from the meal planning that I didn’t want to cook!

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