To Do

On Sunday I prepared for the week by going ahead and flipping the page to “July” and suddenly realized that there are really only 3 1/2 weeks of summer left. We’re driving to Texas on or around July 22 to drop the kids off with Michael’s parents before flying to England for two weeks. More on that later.

So I’ve been violently refocused on the “Must Do This Summer!” list. A list that includes:

  • buy a used washing machine (ours broke in January. Yeah, that sucks)
  • clean out the remaining two closets that haven’t yet been completely reorganized
  • finish Montessori-ing the house for the continuation of Bastardized Home Montessori Preschool this fall
  • continue some baby step efforts to pitch my freelance writing business to some local business owners
  • complete obligations to a local non-profit that include design work and fundraising
  • read every book ever written on English history and every travel guide about London, Oxford and Windsor
  • throw a shower for a friend who is due in August
  • take the kids to a pool. Any pool.

So yesterday and today I created and mailed out shower invitations, took my friend to Babies’R’Us and helped her register, finalized the print invitation for the non-profit’s fundraiser, took two hours to canvas local downtown businesses for the non-profit’s silent auction, and did a little bit of business development. This is the midst of trimming tiny fingernails, changing diapers, feeding kids (sometimes) healthy snacks, making meals and, today, tossing it all aside to spend three hours with one of my oldest friends who flew home from Uganda to attend her grandmother’s wedding this Saturday.


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