Our household lives by the semester-system academic calendar and we’re in full summertime swing. Michael isn’t teaching classes this summer. The majority of my freelance work is for a university and that dries up over the summer. And the Mom’s Day Out nursery school program where I teach is also out for the summer.

During our time off, we all have our projects. Michael’s revolve around research and curriculum development which means his summertime office hours are from 9-5 rather than the school year schedule of 8-5. My projects include going to the gym around 7:00am, systematically cleaning out all of our closets, working my way through some good books and starting what I like to call Bastardized Home Montessori Preschool (which will have to wait for it’s own separate post).

I really celebrate summer during naptime when, three days out of five, I’ll put up my feet and stream episodes of The Tudors from Netflix Instant. It’s then that I know I really am living the easy life. And I love it, suckers.


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