In the Beginning

I hope I can remember how to blog. I’ve been Twittering for so long it’s hard to remember how to write something that is longer than 140 characters. I had a blog once. But then the most interesting facet of the blog was taken away (living in Copenhagen) and there was really nothing left to say. So I spent a year, or at least the ugly post-partum time of Fall 2008, wallowing in my dull life. I finally remembered that the main reason I started the hard work of keeping a blog originally was because it’s so easy to over look the little everyday things that, collected into a neat little pile overtime, make up a life.

So here we go again. I hope you’re happy, Joel.



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4 responses to “In the Beginning

  1. joelwkrueger

    I am happy–particularly since I can leave comments (unlike with ShotSnaps). Woot! I’m already compiling snarky responses for anticipated future posts.

    P.S. Welcome back. :)

    • Too bad I don’t have any fun Danish things to talk about anymore. Now I’m stuck with trying to make our stray cat and home preschool seem interesting.

  2. robynremke

    I am so glad you are back to blogging. What you find so dull and uninteresting is wildly fascinating and even exotic to the rest of us! So, blog away about all the little details of your everyday life… your fans are dying to know!

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